Ready Review: METAL by Lay Waste Games & Jordan Draper

Brendan Burke here, and this is my debut into the Ready to Role team!

I recently returned from PAX Unplugged and got my hands on METAL and was impressed as usual by the craftsmanship of Lay Waste Games. Lay Waste Games is most commonly known for the game Dragoon (Previously reviewed here) and it’s expansion.

So as an opener, I’ll first say that calling METAL a game is doing it a disservice; realistically it’s a platform much like a deck of cards as several games are designed to be played using the play set. More over Jordan Draper has come forward that he plans to create more platforms with other designers made of different materials.

Lay Waste Games’ hit, Dragoon!

While I didn’t play more than one game, I watched more and was intrigued by the future of the series and the possibilities. I ultimately came to a very startling concern for these games: without a proper gaming space or sunken gaming table the odds of losing pieces are very high.

Final Thoughts: While there’s significant potential for these game tool boxes, I’m not yet sure I’d buy them as I typically don’t enjoy physical/dexterity challenge board games.  I’ll be keeping an eye on their future bundles of the tool sets with great interest however.

Simple games like this are great for family members, and great for mini-games for players in Dungeons and Dragons taverns.

You can grab METAL on Kickstarter, and check out their videos for more information. You have until it ends on December 13th!

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