X-Wing $101 – Imperials: How to Start Competitive Play

If you are a new player with the intent to play X-Wing competitively in the near future and you don’t want to waste your money on duplicative or irrelevant expansions, then this is the article for you!  This article is meant to be an update to FFG’s X-Wing 101 articles written earlier this year by perennial X-Wing superstar Zach Bunn using the Imperial Veterans and the one written by Jeremy Chamblee, winner of the 2017 Mustafar Open, using Imperial Aces.  You may have also read this guide on Stay on the Leader or this one on D20 Radio.  If you haven’t already, you should read all 4 of these before listening to a word I say because all 4 of these authors have more experience in X-Wing than I do.  With that being said, all of these articles were pre-Wave 11 and Wave 11 has shaken the meta in a major way.  This article is meant as a supplement, not replace, the other 4.

Below is a quick video on what I would buy, why I would buy it, and what I would use out of it:


As stated in the video, these are what I would get, in the order that I would get them, and what you might use out of them (there are more to the packs but I am only highlighting what you might reasonably use at this time):

  • TIE/fo or the “First Order TIE” $15:
    • Juke
    • Comm Relay
  • TIE Aggressor $15:
    • Intensity
    • Unguided Rockets
    • Twin Laster Turret
    • Synced Turret
    • Lightweight Frame
  • TIE/sf or the “Special Forces TIE” $15:
    • Collision Detector
    • Sensor Cluster x2
    • Special Ops Training

Total: $85.

That’s right.  We didn’t even us the full $101.  You still have room for any other small expansion pack you want.


With the above collection, this is what I would personally run at a small local tournament:

Total: 99 points.  You even have a one-point bid in case you get matched up against an opposing PS9.

With these models, you can also form a 45 point Epsilon Squadron Pilot miniswarm.


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2 Comments on “X-Wing $101 – Imperials: How to Start Competitive Play

  1. This list helped me out immensely! What expansions would you recommend purchasing after these?


    • Austin, I’m glad this article helped you! Two new waves have been released since I wrote/recorded this article, so I would recommend either waiting to see which of the new Wave XII/XIII ships makes an impact. If you are dead set on buying yourself an early holiday gift, why don’t you tell me what your playstyle is and perhaps I can recommend something?


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